March 30, 2015

Kathryn Ford

In the two years since I have been working with Mary my life does not even look, in any way shape or form, like it did two years ago before I met this amazing woman. I was living in Minnesota at the time and had been misdiagnosed with MS for 22 years. The new diagnosis was neuromyelitis optica or NMO, which is more serious. Then, I also learned that for 16 of those 22 years I was on an MS drug that’s harmful to people with NMO. I was devastated and I knew in my heart that there was a reason that I was going through all this, but it was very, very, very difficult for me. I decided, at one point, that I couldn’t live like this anymore nor did I want to. I made the difficult decision to go off the medication and to immerse myself fully in holistic and integrative practices, including the power of my mind and my thinking. I decided to enroll with Mary and to have Mary work with me because I knew I needed to work with a master who could show me how to tap into that power more than I had ever tapped into it before. I made the decision to move from Minnesota to California. The balance in weather here has just been phenomenal for my health. I still have a diagnosis, but it doesn’t have me, which feels so good. I am helping people now. I am a DreamBuilder life coach and a Life Mastery consultant through Mary’s company and it feels so good to be helping other people with similar challenges that I have. To have the just wonderful opportunity to work with such an amazing master, I could not be more grateful.

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